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A management graduate with passion towards strategic HR and exposure to facets of HR like training,CSR,Competency Mapping.Have undergone considerable exposure in marketing and research apart from in depth study in the field of human resource management. Interacted and collaborated extensively with managers having significant industry experience.

Phases of HR Transformation

“HR transformation means that investments in HR can create value not only for employees, but also for customers, investors and communities”

As the business context evolve, talent and organization issues are becoming more important to line managers and expectations for the HR profession are increasing dramatically.
HR transformation begins by understanding why HR transformation matters.
Identify business contexts including globalization, customers, financial markets, demographics, and social conditions that demand more of HR professionals.
2. What:
Understand the outcomes of effective HR transformation; the capabilities an organization must have to succeed and the intangibles that investors value. Learn how to conduct an organization audit to determine the right capabilities.
How to build an HR department with centers of expertise shared services and embedded HR. How to align, integrate and innovate HR practices related to people, performance, information and work.How to upgrade the competencies of HR professionals. Gain specific models for making HR transformation happen.
Who plays what role in HR transformation, from HR leaders to line managers, employees and outside advisors.

“Get a clear HR transformation roadmap so that HR can deliver value”

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