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The moment we open our eyes in this world we are surrounded by entities called ‘People’. May they be our parents, our siblings, cousins, friends, relatives, and teachers. Everyone is associated for with us for a specific span and a specific motive. 

Specific motive might seem a bit interrogative but yes it is true, may it be a selfless or selfish it is only a motive that connects us to the world. It is an umbilical cord that holds the child in the mother’s womb.  Interestingly we come across different people so leave a permanent mark in our life. It is very ironic to notice that some people come in our lives for very short duration but the impact made by them on our lives is huge. 

Personally I am not a social being and enjoy comfort interacting with only handful people. But still since my childhood I have noticed that every person that comes in our life has a role to play. They come during a particular phase where there role lies and vanish when the role is over. That’s where the entire problem lies. However hard you try once their role is over, they will not wait, not even for a second. Surprisingly, it happens so naturally with a series of events rolling one after the other, it looks as if nature is conspiring to take that persona away from us. That’s where all emotions like depression, sadness, break up come into picture.

I know it is easy to say but hard to digest that if every human understands that every individual that comes in to our lives has to go at some point, some might stay for a longer period depending on how deep is their role in our lives.

People come people go what remains with us is their memories and experiences. The experiences may be good or bad, but again both create problems. If we have good experiences we expect the same from others and expectations lead to frustration and shattered feelings. If we have bad experiences we feel afraid to trust the other person that comes in to our life. That’s why it is good to remember a person in memories but limit only to that don’t start looking others from the earlier one’s specks. It will not let you move on in life.

I believe the moment we are born we are spinning a web around us, the web is the people around, the more and more we are caught deeper in the web the difficult it is to get out. It is good to have lot of people around us but the only person that lasts from the moment you come till you go, your entire journey is "YOU AND ONLY YOU".