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“It is often said Today’s effective followers are tomorrow’s potential leaders”

There are effective followers and ineffective followers


There are people who are passive and like to work from 9-6. They think they work for living and lack initiative. They expect their leader to think for them. Most probably they may say, “Sir, whatever you think good for me”. They are also “Yes Sir”, “No Sir” type.


There are some people whose motto is “better to be safe than sorry”. They do not take risk, tend to be political. They do not lead change but want to survive across it all costs. They are not someone who would rock the boat. You will find plenty of such people in Govt. offices. 

Followership Model

Alienated Followers

They are capable yet cynical people. They come across as negative people. They generate and emit lot of negative thoughts and energy. They are seen gossiping in the corridor and criticizing their organisation and management. You will hear comment such as this is rubbish policy “yeh sab bakwas hain”. They indulge in 3C activities- Corrosive, Corridor, and Conversations.

Effective Followers

They are energetic, proactive, they have courage to challenge their leader and confident about their potential. They usually land up getting very good rating from their superior.

The question is where do we fall in these categories of followership?

"Followers are more important to leaders than leaders are to followers."

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