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“Employees” - Steering Wheel of CSR

“The achievement of the CSR outcomes depends upon employee willingness to reciprocate and collaborate with positive attitude”

In recent years the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained prominence, both in business and in the press, to such an extent that it seems to have become ubiquitous. There are probably many reasons for the attention given to this phenomenon not least of which are the corporate excesses witnessed in recent years.

There is a symbiotic relationship between employee well-being in organizations and HRM practices when considered from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective.

It is imperative that companies convince their key stakeholders- “EMPLOYEES” that they are serious about CSR by demonstrating through good ethical policies that organization aims to achieve desired social, environment, political outcomes.

Hence it is employees rather than the board or consultancy firm who carry the main burden of responsibility for implementing responsible and ethical corporate behavior in the daily working life of the company.

Gaining full support from employees and ensuring that they are committed and motivated to obtaining company’s objectives places challenge and complexity on line management.

CSR to promote employee commitment, job satisfaction among employees is crucial and is based on the symbiotic relationship.

“CSR is concerned with treating the employees of the firm ethically or in a responsible manner”

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