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A management graduate with passion towards strategic HR and exposure to facets of HR like training,CSR,Competency Mapping.Have undergone considerable exposure in marketing and research apart from in depth study in the field of human resource management. Interacted and collaborated extensively with managers having significant industry experience.

HR Transformation

“HR can transform organizations only if it transforms HR”

In the last 50 years HR professionals have moved from industrial relations where they negotiate the terms and conditions of work to personnel specialists who have expertise in HR practices like recruiting, compensation, training and organizational development to business partner who deliver value to business.

As business challenges become more complex with economic, global, technological, competitive, customer, and demographic changes and pressures, business leaders seek innovative solutions to managing short and long term cost both locally and globally. For HR professionals to contribute to these demands, they must transform how they work.

This fundamental transformation must occur in the way the HR department is organized (into services centers’, centers’ of expertise, embedded HR)how HR practices are designed ,integrated and aligned to business requirements; and how HR professionals must be prepared so that they can contribute.

A successful HR transformation increases the value human resource adds to the business. Transforming HR professionals into business partners isn’t an end in and of itself; it’s the means to a strategic, business oriented end.

“HR transformation is not about doing HR; it is about building business success”

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