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The Work of HR- Arena's of HR practice

“A practice is also activity within a profession and the concept of best practice defines an activity that delivers an outcome better than some other activity”

People talk about HR as activities, systems, processes, decisions, initiatives. The work of HR is a set of practices because practice is something that is continually being learned. The transformation of HR is incomplete unless there is alignment, integration, and innovation for the four categories of HR processes.

Categories of HR processes:

1.People practices:

“What happens to organizations happens to people”.
Proper attention to people ensures the availability and development of the talent organization needs to accomplish its strategy.
Talent=Competence x Commitment x Contribution

2.Performance Practices:

“What links people to work?”
The standards and measures, financial and non financial rewards, and feedback that reflect stakeholder interests.
Proper attention to this flow promotes accountability for performance by defining, noting and rewarding it- and penalizing its absence.

3.Information Practices:

What information do people need to do their work and how do they get the requisite information?
Information can flow up, down, or laterally.
It can flow from outside in and inside out.
Proper attention to information flow ensures that people know what is happening and why and can apply themselves to do what needs doing to create value.

4.Work Practices:

Who does work, how work is done, where work is done and how work is supported through business and operating process to combine individual efforts into organizational outputs?
Proper attention to work flow provides the governance, accountability and physical setting that ensure high quality results.

These four categories of HR can be collectively transformed to ensure that HR drives the results and delivers value to the organization. Even if one of the four is neglected and the rest are practiced –

“This is like running on three flat tires and one full tire. The car won’t drive well.”

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