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Why we h8 HR!!!!!!!

Hr people are not sharpest stacks in the box.

To be blunt about it, if you are an ambitious newly graduated from a top college or university with your eye on rewarding career; your first instinct is never to join HR dance.

The best and the brightest never tend to take Human Resource. Then who does?

Intelligent people sometimes. Others enter the field by choice and with the best of intentions, but for the wrong reasons. They like working with people,like to be helpful, “noble motives” that thoroughly tick some HR thinkers.

It is harsh to say but it is the need of the era that if some person comes and say I want to work with people hence I want to opt for HR please suggests him to be a ‘Social Worker”.

HR isn’t about being a good doer. It is about how do you get the best and brightest people and raise the value of the firm as well as yourself.The really scary picture is the gulf between capabilities and opportunities appears to be widening. There are bright thinkers and doers left with no opportunities to exhibit their knowledge and capabilities thus not resulting in their value addition.HR in other words forfeits the long term value for short term cost efficiency.

So is HR a right career opportunity or is HR annoying?

The correct answer lies within each one of us as why we want to prefer HR.
To make a correct decision focus on:
•Measuring your own capabilities.
•Get rid of mindset of Social Worker
•Make value not activity.

Don’t be a part of rat race!!!
Try to be in the race but stand out of the crowd.

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