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Business School or Ivory Tower.

"Business School have managed to create an aura of respectability to cover up what is otherwise a bloody brawl"

The split personality of business schools is demonstrated by the way they have developed the MBA. With the MBA, business school almost accidentally, stumbled upon a mass product.

They are behaving like mass producers, MBA factories, churning out managers like so many products on a conveyor belt.

Many business schools have embraced the idea of brand extensions by creating hybrid variations on the MBA theme and in-company MBA programs designed for specific corporate clients.

Business schools are extremely busy reinventing their product to extract the maximum commercial benefit. Aware of the restraints imposed by the academic affiliations, business schools have preferred to expand their activities in other ways promoting programs to markets.

It is hard to see what it has to do with maintaining academic standards. Rather it shows,business schools more behaving like business rather than academic institutions.

"Business Schools will exist as long as there is business-which is forever"

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