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Strings Attached?

Universities exist for learning and research. Business schools are geared to applicable knowledge.

There has to be some responsibility for business schools to put what they say into practice, to stand on their own two feet. It is embarrassing to call yourself a business school and then go around fund raising
“While charities are trying to behave more like business, business schools are acting more like charities”

When it comes to business schools’ fund raising has taken on new dimension. Compared with other providers of education and even their own universities, most business schools are wealthy institutions.

Most of the money comes from donations from private citizens, or is income generated by selling services to corporate clients through executive education programs. To date, business schools have benefited from this additional source of revenue (compromising their integrity).

In next few years the water is likely to get muddier as more and more business schools become involved in consultancy style relationships with corporate clients.

The divide between the academic and real world is growing at business schools.There comes a point where academic theory is totally meaningless.

"Business schools have given intellectual attire to what otherwise would pass as folk wisdom"

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