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HR Manager-A New Business Guru

The role of HR has been evolving over the years. There was a radical move from Personnel Administration to HRD function. Today there is a need of paradigm shift to viewing the HR manager as a business partner or business guru.

HR has been perceived till now by top line executives as “Advocates” and shop floor workers as “Management Stooges”.

It is prerogative of the HR Professionals to remove these misconceptions by acting as vital link between strategic and operational function in an organization. Ultimately the trend for HR manager today seems to be changing to being a business manager rather than a simple advisor.

What is the role of HR? Does it end with selection and placement or there are various crucial responsibilities either overlooked or disregarded?

Reasons for Transformational role of HR

~Changing Organizational Structures.

HR’s creation of true competitive advantage comes from continuously improving the organization to fit changing business environment.

Some areas that the HR manager can be a Business guru to management are:

~Organizational Development
~Organizational Design
~Jobs and Need Analysis
~Recruitment and Planning
~People Development
~Performance Management.

Roles of HR manager implied from above areas mentioned for HR professionals:

~Management Partners
~Business Strategist
~Company Communicators
~Job Matchmakers
~Quality of Life Experts
~Prepared Mediators
~Business Sleuths
~Education Customizers.

“HR builds its own ‘doplar radar’ to help predict tumultuous activity that can forever change company’s landscape”.

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  1. This is definitely true !

    Just to add that many people now talk about Human Capital and start to measure the Return on each Headcount (ROHC).