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Advocate of CSR says to the CEO…..

The CSR commercial convinces the CEO the merits of the CSR policy and the benefit of being socially responsible. Advocate of CSR says to the CEO the four main points.

1. What is CSR all about?

2. What are the key advantages of being social responsible?

The main advantages are:
~ Improved reputation among staff and customers.
~ Improved productivity—Motivation and Innovation.
~ Shareholder value increases-social investment fund targets the company.
~ Increased customer base
~ Improved commitment and motivation among staff.
~ Increased personal satisfaction of management.

3. What are the main steps to be taken?

These steps will of course build upon many activities already underway, but probably in different departments, divisions and countries. Therefore what does a business need at minimum to do? This is likely to proceed in stages but the immediate actions would be:
~ Win board support for its introduction of a CSR policy.
~ Lead from the front
~ Appoint a CSR manger but keep the responsibility shared.
~ Understand available CSR measures.
~ Decide upon key stakeholders.
~ Take stock of measures already underway.
~ Decide on whether to produce a Social report.
~ Report adherence to standards-be open.
~ Contribute to CSR dialogue for example, on Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000), join institutes such as Account Ability, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Social Accountability International (SAI).

4.What are the costs likely to be?

These are:
~ Increased cost of focus group sessions with stakeholders.
~ CSR manager and Budget.
~ Training of staff on CSR.
~ Production, publication and distribution of social report.
~ Website section devoted to CSR.

"Those who engage in social cooperation choose together, in one joint act, the principles which are to assign basic rights and duties and to determine the division of social benefits"- John Rawls

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