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A management graduate with passion towards strategic HR and exposure to facets of HR like training,CSR,Competency Mapping.Have undergone considerable exposure in marketing and research apart from in depth study in the field of human resource management. Interacted and collaborated extensively with managers having significant industry experience.

Paying Back!!!

"The Alumni are terifically important.Former students are the greatest marketing opportunity that B-Schools has-its own satisfied customers"

This is what happens when business educational fortune for high quality you go to business school. You pay .Anyway you make some sacrifices. Your family is forgotten as you plow through Kotler on marketing, Porter on competitiveness, Dessler on Human resource management, Drucker on everything. You drink a lot of coffee to keep you awake and then you emerge with an MBA!!!

You get a well paid job, which leads to even better job. Material wealth ensues. You start paying the business school back. Just to stay thanks. You become an active member in alumni network, make a few speeches, and sign regular checks. Nothing too onerous. It’s at least what you can do.
Look what they did for you. They took money for their services.

"That’s CAPITALISM. Why turn it into CHARITY???"

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